Price List

Price List

Prices below reflect our everyday 10% discount – no cards or coupons needed!



Pants $ 6.93
Skirt $ 6.93
Sweater $ 6.70
Blouse/Shirt $ 6.93
Sport Jacket/Blazer $ 7.15
2 Pc. Suit $14.08
Tie $ 4.81
Dress 1 Pc./2 Pc $14.08
Outer Light Jacket $10.75
Outer Coat $13.14
Outer 3/4 Length Coat $14.53
Outer Full Length Coat $17.05
Raincoat $18.45

These are base prices for fabrics such as wool and polyester.
There are additional charges for:

  • delicate fabrics such as silk & rayon
  • difficult fabrics such as cotton & linen
  • fancy trims such as beads, sequins & leather

We do FREE minor repairs with cleaning, such as a loose button or small seam.


Shirt Laundry

Shirt, on hanger $ 2.79
with a Military Crease $ 3.19
with a Crease Sleeves $ 3.01
Shirt, in a box $ 3.24
Tuxedo Shirt $ 7.38
Fatigue Set/BDUs $ 10.80
Fatigue Shirt $ 5.40
Fatigue Pants $ 5.40

Laundered shirts must be plain – no ruffles, shoulder pads. decals, etc. – and be made of cotton or polyester. If a shirt is too small or too big to fit on the automatic shirt press, there is a charge for handpressing.


Household Items

Bedspread $ 23.40
Blanket $ 20.61
Quilt $ 24.61
Comforter $ 26.01
Wash & Fold Laundry (per lb. – 10 lb min) $ 1.48

These prices are for full size items, without tax. There are additional charges for queen & king sizes, as well as down-filled items.



Alter Waist $ 16.78
Alter Length – Pants $ 14.31
Alter Length – Skirt $ 18.22
Alter Sleeves – Sport Jacket $ 19.30
New Zipper – Pants $ 16.78
New Zipper – Skirt $ 16.78

Our price list for alterations & repairs is extensive.
Additional charges exist for cuffs, linings, vents & elastic, as well as two-way, reversible and long zippers.

Our tailors are professionals & can perform even the most difficult repairs & alterations. We have a tailor specializing in suede & leather repairs & alterations, as well as a tailor specializing in bridal and formal wear alterations!

All of our tailors provide fittings, with no appointments necessary. Visit any tailor during his/her regular hours to have garments fitted. Let our tailors help give you the perfect fit!


Suede & Leather

With over 30 years of experience, we are able to clean & repair almost anything made of leather or suede. All cleaning & repair work is completed at our Carlisle store by a qualified leather expert. We are the only drycleaner in Central PA to care for leather & suede!  Please call any of our locations for pricing.

All prices are subject to change without notice.