Suede and Leather Services

Complete Leather & Suede Care

Complete Leather & Suede Care

Classic Drycleaners is the only drycleaner in Central PA to care for leather and suede. Our very own Suede and Leather Expert handles every garment and item offering personalized, local service. You can take comfort in knowing that your favorite leather item is not being shipping outside the area.

Whether you ride a motorcycle or ride a horse, our Suede and Leather Expert can bring new life to your leather garment without sacrificing its character and overall look. Our cleaning process is so gentle, that even the most delicate of leather garments turn out beautifully. We can even clean varsity jackets!

In addition to Suede and Leather cleaning, we also offer:

  • Restoration of Vintage Leather
  • Re-dying & Painting
  • Professional Tailoring and Repairs